Graduates work for organizations like Allstate, Amazon, and IBM. The NUS MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning is supported by leading NUS researchers in data science as well as data scientists from industry. Currently, there is a national shortage of data science professionals. Students will learn basic data science techniques, write in Python, and work with databases and big data infrastructure. Average Graduate Tuition: $7,088/year in-state and $22,166/year out-of-state Machine learning offers an opportunity to gain a powerful competitive edge in business, and is increasingly becoming a priority for managers and executives. Total Points: 4 Average Graduate Tuition: $9,930/year in-state; $23,160/year out-of-state Adobe Stock. Graduates are prepared for roles like data scientist and big data solutions provider. There are no on-campus meetings or requirements. We felt that schools offering an area of concentration within their online master’s of data science were worthy of a higher ranking. The Master of Data Science (MDS) teaches you how to explore data and discover its potential – how to find innovative solutions to real problems in science, business and government, from technology start-ups to global organisations. Total Points: 4 Total Points: 6 UC Riverside offers a top master’s in data science online with no residency requirements and a flexible schedule. Student to Faculty Ratio: 16:1 The interdisciplinarily structured master's degree in data science combines content from computer science, mathematics, information systems, and the natural sciences. Student to Faculty Ratio: 13:1 New students are admitted for the fall and spring semesters. Concentrations: Analytical Tools, Computational Data Analytics, and Business Analytics Total Points: 4 Students can choose from four different areas of concentration, all available online. Facts Dauer: 4 Semester Für alle anderen Studiengänge fallen lediglich Semesterbeiträge an. London School of Economics and Political Science, 30 Best Master’s in Data Science Online Degree Programs, 15 Most Affordable Master’s in Data Science Online, 10 Best Online PhD Programs in Data Science, 30 Best Master’s in Data Science Degree Programs, 20 Best Data Science Bachelor’s Degree Programs, 20 Best Data Science Certificate Programs, 30 Great Resources for Teaching Kids How to Code, Foundations and Applications of Data Mining, Presenting and integrating results into action, Semantic Analysis Methods and Technologies, Knowledge Organization Structures, Systems and Services, Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, Statistical Methods and Experimental Design, Data Science and Strategic Decision-Making, Mathematical Modeling Techniques for Data Analytics. The University of Colorado Boulder is developing a Master of Science in Data Science degree. Student to Faculty Ratio: 16:1 The Graduate Studies Academic Calendar is updated 3 times per year, at the start of each academic term (January 1, May 1, September 1). Average Graduate Tuition: $54,720/year Data Science @ Uni Vienna is a new research platform at the University of Vienna that presents a hub on all activities in data science at the University of Vienna. It’s comprised of eight graduate courses in data science. Total Points: 5 Courses are delivered through video-conferencing tools that enable students to participate in live lectures and interact with students and instructors. Students can access course content from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Students complete a professional portfolio showcasing complex projects using R and Python. … Student to Faculty Ratio: 9:1 The Department of Statistics and Data Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin has partnered with the Department of Computer Science to offer a Master of Science in Data Science. Student to Faculty Ratio: 21:1 Four concentrations are available including: New students are accepted each quarter and students can complete the program in just two years. This full-online data science master’s program uses a multidisciplinary approach to help student develop hands-on skills. We will teach you how to use these tools for working with data in different domains, such as Healthcare, Media and Communication, Smart City, Life Sciences and Digital Humanities. Im Bundesland Hessen gibt es derzeit keine Studienbeiträge! Student to Faculty Ratio: 27:1 Student to Faculty Ratio: 17:1 It’s designed for adult learners. Average Graduate Tuition: $40,896/year Here, we look at the 9 best data science courses that are available for free online. Student to Faculty Ratio: 14:1 There are no GMAT or GRE scores required for admission. A Data Science Master's degree is relatively new an graduate program that combines core concepts from mathematics, computer science, statistics, and information science to leverage insights and help data scientists improve operational and business processes. This master’s degree will give you a thorough grounding in programming, computer science and data mining to ensure your basic skills in data science. There you will find the subject specific regulations (FsB) and the courses offered in the eKVV under the heading 'N… GRE/GMAT waivers available. Students can choose from a thesis or non-thesis program option, depending on their professional goals. Total Points: 4 Die genauen Regelungen entnehmen Sie bitte unserer Webseite. The program focuses on data analysis and modeling. Southern Methodist University features a top master’s in data science online for current and aspiring data science professionals. Moreover, we offer optional courses in linear algebra and statistics if you lack these subjects in your bachelor's degree. Data science is the scientific investigation that employs innovative approaches and algorithms for processing and analysing big data. The top online master’s in applied data analysis from Boston University is a 32 credit hour program that can be completed in 16-24 months. Average Graduate Tuition: $56,067/year Students gain these in-demand skills through collaboration in live online classes and an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes business management, information studies, and data analytics. Data Science is a relatively newer field, even the top-notch universities have started offering specialized courses only recently, which has created a sudden buzz and confusion in the industry. Courses include: Graduates are well positioned for roles like data architect or data analyst. Therefore, graduates of the Master of Science degree program have a practical as well as theoretical understanding in all of the following areas: Data acquisition; Data transmission; Data storage; Data evaluation; Data visualization The ability to turn data into information, knowledge and innovative products is a skill in high demand within industry. Big data has transformed, and continues to transform, the global business environment, with data scientists and analysts becoming prized assets within organizations. This degree will draw on CU Boulder faculty expertise in statistics, data science, computer science, business analytics, natural language processing, and information science. Program Characteristics and Goals The master's program in Economics: Data Science and Policy at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg is an internationally recognized, two-year degree program that provides state-of-the-art education in economics with a particular focus on data science and policy analysis. The Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign offers an online top master’s in data science. Average Graduate Tuition: $11,766/year in-state; $21,952/year out-of-state Specialised lectures guide you the way to specific research areas, such as natural language processing, computer vision, and analysis of biological/medical data. Average Graduate Tuition: $29,487/year The Master Data Science at the IUBH deepens your knowledge of all areas of Data Science with contents like Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies. The University of Alabama in Huntsville offers an online master’s in management science with a focus on business analytics. With the completion of your studies, you are an expert in Data Science and by this, you can open doors to exciting and diverse jobs like Senior Data Scientist or Data Science Developer. A data scientist is expected to be familiar with the entire data value chain. Students will learn to process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data using a variety of statistical and semantic analysis. Students can choose from a variety of unique specializations, including: There are no on-campus residency requirements, allowing students to balance their education with personal and professional obligations. Total Points: 7 Nach der Einschreibordnung müssen Studierende für die Einschreibung und Rückmeldung jedes Semester einen Semesterbeitrag leisten. All Rights Reserved. Data scientists help keep organizations moving forward by helping them turn raw data into usable information. Students can graduate in just 13 months. Our top choice for an online master’s in data science is offered by Indiana University. Students get plenty of hands-on training in popular database tools such as Python, R, and SQL. Concentration areas enable students to specialize in an area of interest or complete coursework required for their specific area of data science. Courses include: In addition to completing courses in data science, students will complete 16 credit hours of core engineering classes. The new Master’s programme Applied Data Science enables you to become a data science professional with excellent analytic capabilities. Für Fern- und weiterbildende Studiengänge und für ein Zweitstudium (nicht für konsekutive Masterstudiengänge) können von der Hochschule Studiengebühren erhoben werden. Graduates are ready for roles like data mining analyst or database administrator. Online students benefit from program success coaches, 24/7 access to a virtual library, and software provided through Virtual Computer. Knowing that individualized support is readily available can be very important. Die Bewerbungsgebühr beträgt 99 Euro (nicht erstattbar). The prerequisite for attending the master's degree program is a completed technical bachelor's or diploma degree from the FH Kärnten or an equivalent program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution. The programme is centred on three key aspects of data science: fundamental data-related principles, supporting infrastructures and organisational context. Courses are taught by the same faculty who teach the on-campus program. The respective departments offer Ph.D. positions that are the pathway to a career in research. Student to Faculty Ratio: 11:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $55,350/year It covers five major areas: Fundamentals, Data Management, Data Analytics, Projects and Seminars, and the Master’s Thesis. Welcome to Data Science @ Uni Vienna! Mannheim Master in Data Science (MMDS) Hochschule Universität Mannheim. The top master’s in applied data science online from the School of Information at the University of Michigan is a flexible and practical program. The top online master’s in data science from Northwestern University’s School of Professional Studies can help you gain the critical skills needed in our data driven world. Schools received points for this element only if they offer a concentration within their data science program. The online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program is preparing the next generation of experts and leaders in the data science field and providing students with a UC Berkeley education without having to relocate. This degree will draw on CU Boulder faculty expertise in statistics, data science, computer science, business analytics, natural language processing, and information science. Concentrations: Social Science Analytics; Business Analytics; Cybersecurity; Financial Crime; General Average Graduate Tuition: $46,272/year Total Points: 8 Our primary focus is to bring researchers from different areas together to work on and solve several of the challenges that this new field presents. Since I have worked in the IT industry for most of my career but did my graduation in Mechanical Engineering, I was unable to find the right fit for a Master's program till I discovered upGrad. New students are admitted during the fall and summer semesters. Student to Faculty Ratio: 13:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $5,939/year in-state; $11,088/year out-of-state DS technologies can be applied to both small and big data, of various types such as relational, images, video, audio, and text. By completing a strong core of Computer Science and Statistics courses, you will gain a unique combination of skills in Data Science and be able to comprehend, process and manage data effectively to extract value from it. Core courses include: All courses are taught by faculty who are committed and engaged technology experts in their field. Students familiar with a subject can review the material, take an assessment, and move on to something new. Total Points: 4 Students can select from four different domain areas including: While these domain areas allow students to personalize their degree, Indiana University includes a wide variety of elective coursework for an even greater personalized experience. The master’s programs “Mathematics in Data Science” and “Data Engineering and Analytics” offer access to many career opportunities including: research, consulting, IT security, systems design, and data science in industry. Complete in as little as 18 months. Current information on the Master's programme in Data Sciences can also be found on the university's information pages. Student to Faculty Ratio: 20:1 MD 3 DATA SCIENCE IN PRACTICE Programming course Data Science in Context 3 3 MD 4 PROJECT WORK Case Studies / External Internship Seminar 4 8 MD 5 BIG DATA Big Data Analytics 9 MD 6 MASTER THESIS Master Thesis Advanced Seminar 27 3 Elective courses (to choose modules with a total of 45 ECTS points) The prerequisite for attending the master's degree program is a completed technical bachelor's or diploma degree from the FH Kärnten or an equivalent program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution. The 10 Best AI And Data Science Master’s Courses For 2021. Das Studium gliedert sich in einen Grundlagenbereich mit den Modulen. Hinzu kommt eine einmalige Prüfungsgebühr in Höhe von 1.500 Euro. While this may be less important in an online environment, we recognize that not all online learners are independent learners. Student to Faculty Ratio: 12:1 We based our ranking on the following considerations and assigned points accordingly: We understand that finding an affordable master’s program is a key factor for online students. Specializations: Machine Learning and Business Analytics The Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University features a top online master’s in data science program that balances theory and application. in Statistics and new trends in data science and analytics. This 32 credit hour program includes courses in areas like: Students are engaged in lectures through Coursera’s open source platform. No GRE required. Improve your organization with a business focus on machine learning applications. UC Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Georgia Tech uses an interdisciplinary approach that allows students to learn from experts in areas like: Students can choose from three different program tracks including: All students complete a six credit hour practicum to gain real-world experience. Ohne Frage ist diese Rolle im Informationszeitalter von höchster Bedeutung und du als Datenspezialist nahezu überall gefragt. Real-world data is utilized throughout the program to give students experience in analyzing complex data sets. Full-time students can complete their degree in 14 months. Data science is an incredibly fascinating field of applied sciences. Average Graduate Tuition: $14,670/year Student to Faculty Ratio: 18:1 The Master's programme in Data Science (taught completely in English) is intended to give interested students the opportunity to consolidate and deepen their knowledge in the field of statistics and information technology at a demanding level. The goal of the Master's programme in Data Science at the University of Vienna is to provide a practically oriented and scientifically sound education in the field of modern data science. Both full and part-time program options are available. Total Points: 4 The Master's programme in Data Science (taught completely in English) is intended to give interested students the opportunity to consolidate and deepen their knowledge in the field of statistics and information technology at a demanding level. Core courses provide you with an overarching understanding of machine learning and deep learning, statistical data analysis, data assimilation, business analytics, and big data infrastructures. The Mannheim Master in Data Science (MMDS) program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to gain operational insight into large and complex datasets. The University of Pretoria is proud to introduce its master's degree in Information Technology (Stream C: Big Data Science). In this article, we are going to break down the question and look at all its aspect. The top master’s in applied data science online from the School of Information at the University of Michigan is a flexible and practical program. Students will learn to think about problems rather than just apply tools. Total Points: 4 Average Graduate Tuition: $19,032/year Their unique skill set is in demand by employers in every sector. While there are no on-campus requirements, students can participate in an optional Online Immersion Weekend each spring. The program is perfect for those with undergraduate degrees in engineering, data science, or technology-related sciences who seek to specialize further in this field. Student to Faculty Ratio: 7:1 The top master’s in applied data science online from the School of Information at the University of Michigan is a flexible and practical program. It’s designed for adult learners. Student to Faculty Ratio: 12:1 All courses are offered online, allowing students to continue working while earning their degree. Total Points: 4 The Gallogly College of Engineering at The University of Oklahoma features a top online master’s in data science. Students are advised and assessed by UofI faculty and teaching assistants. The School of Digital Sciences at Kent State University features a top online master’s in data science that can open the door to new career opportunities. Im ersten Jahr gibt es jedoch einen Einführungsrabatt von 30%, weshalb sich die Programmgebühren für den Jahrgang 2020 auf 22.500 Euro reduzieren. This experience allows students to have hands-on experience with new data sets and hear presentations by national experts. master programme Data Science TU Dortmund University Departments of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics Version 2020 The participation in this assessment is required during the application process for the master programme Data Science. Data Science is an essential driving force in today's digital world. Students will learn to harness the power of big data using state-of-the-art tools and methods. Becoming a data scientist. The program is a great fit for mid-career IT professionals or students with a computer science background who want advanced training in analytics. verliehen. Syracuse University’s online Master of Science in Applied Data Science program prepares students with advanced data skills for careers in a wide range of industries. Concentrations: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics; Computer Science Bachelor’s required. ... Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss des Studienprogramms wird der Hochschulgrad Master of Science (M.Sc.) Graduates are prepared for a variety of careers, including database design and computer programming. Students then get into more specialized courses that focus on applying database and knowledge systems to areas like like software engineering and mobile systems. The English-language master program Data Science provides a scientifically and methodically founded education that is focused on lasting knowledge, enabling you to pursue both academic paths in subsequent doctoral studies and careers in a range of industry and business settings. The curriculum covers four distinct data science areas, including: All students complete an internship or capstone experience, gaining hands-on professional skills. All courses are taught by PhD level faculty with industry experience. track is developed within the structure of the current M.S. The master’s in data science online from Utica College is a 30 credit hour program that can be completed in about two years. Students will work with the latest technologies like R, Python, and Kafka. We believe the best online master’s programs in data science are those taught by expert faculty, offer hands-on training, and have a curriculum with course content that meets the needs of the field. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. The elite program Data Science is an interdisciplinary program and is carried out jointly by the Department of Statistics and the Institute for Informatics at LMU Munich. Average Graduate Tuition: $10,728/year in-state and $24,054/year out-of-state Applied Mathematics for Network and Data Sciences, Internationaler Studiengang, Vollzeitstudium, Berufsbegleitend, Fernstudium, Teilzeitstudium, Vollzeitstudium, Internationaler Studiengang, Teilzeitstudium, Vollzeitstudium, Berufsbegleitend, Fernstudium, Teilzeitstudium, Data Science und Business Analytics (berufsbegleitend), Internet der Energie: Data Science und Internet of Things für die Energiewirtschaft, Duales Studium, Praxisintegrierend, Vollzeitstudium, Wirtschaftsinformatik - Informationsmanagement und Data Science, Wirtschaftsinformatik mit Schwerpunkt Data Science & Consulting (DataCon), Ausbildungsintegrierend, Duales Studium, Vollzeitstudium, Computer Science - Focus on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Berufsbegleitend, Internationaler Studiengang, Teilzeitstudium, Marketing & Innovation (Brand Innovation M.A. is an advertising-supported site. Datenanalyse ist nämlich kein Selbstzweck, sondern muss immer im Zusammenhang mit den Aufgaben und Zielen eines Unternehmens oder einer Organisation betrachtet werden. Student to Faculty Ratio: 18:1 The Master's programme in Data Science (taught completely in English) is intended to give interested students the opportunity to consolidate and deepen their knowledge in the field of statistics and information technology at a demanding level. Students choosing the accelerated path can earn their degree in as few as 12 months, while those on the decelerated path can finish in less than 32 months. Cabrini University features a top online master’s in data science for students seeking career advancement. We created this ranking by looking for programs in data science online on the National Center for Education Statistics and DataScience.Community. Zum Test. All international applicants will be required to submit official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores. Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (MDSAI) - Co-operative Program (direct entry) The program information below is valid for the fall 2020 term (September 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020). Total Points: 5 The four-semester Master's programme with 120 credits/ECTS (ECTS=European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) is divided into a socket phase (Sockelphase) and a profile phase (Profilphase). Post offers a new, 30-credit, specialized Master of Science in Data Analytics and Strategic Business Intelligence program (M.D.A.) Data Science integrates a number of relevant disciplines such as statistics, computing, communication, management, and sociology to turn data into useful predictions and insights. Core courses include: Hands-on experiences allow students to “live in the data.” Elective coursework support unique interests and help students prepare themselves for success in a variety of different areas of analytics. Students benefit from: Specializations are available in machine learning and business analytics. The College of Management (C.O.M.) Student to Faculty Ratio: 17:1 at L.I.U. Join the exciting and growing field of data science! Master of Science (M.Sc.) The four-semester master’s course granting a Master of Science (M.Sc.) The interdisciplinary curriculum includes courses in: To be considered for admission, students should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with at least a 3.0 GPA. Studiengebühren werden entsprechend der geltenden Gebührensatzung erhoben. Assignments, projects, and exams are required to obtain university credit. Student to Faculty Ratio: 10:1 Total Points: 6 We felt the student/faculty ratio at each school was important so we awarded more points to schools with a lower ratio.

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